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Graphic Design & Photo Editing/Re-touching

From very simple to very complex, we can create a custom graphic for you and your organization.  Either way, we focus on good design elements to ensure a balanced, professional and eye-catching graphic.  Obviously, we need to know how you plan on using the graphic, whether for print media or a website, and we design accordingly.

For web publication, the sky's the limit.  We can produce logos, banners and other graphics blending multiple photographs with 3-D text and other graphic elements.  A favorite for web sites is a "composite" picture, blending numerous photos like a collage.  We also can simply mat and frame a nice photo for striking presentation.

For print publication (i.e. business cards, stationary, flyers, etc.), you may want to limit the design to one or two colors to save on printing costs.  Or, can use actual photography and do full four-color reproduction.

See examples of Custom Website Banners and Buttons below.

Photo Editing/Re-touching

A great photograph (even aged, discolored or damaged photos) can be saved for print with appropriate editing:

  • Lighten or darken and/or increase or decrease contrast

  • Correct color tone

  • Sharpen focus

  • Smoothen and improve skin tone and remove defects in portraits; remove dust and scratches

  • Remove something from background or remove entire background; can replace with different background

  • Edit something out of the foreground subject, remove cracks/tears from old photos

Some examples of photo edits:

Photo editing:  A beautiful headshot captured from a cluttered background








A puppy named "Willie" was created from the 2 pictures below, using

Willie Nelson's actual guitar, bandana and guitar strap!





Some examples of banners/logos:

If you already have ideas, or company color or theme, that helps save time in development.
But, consultations are free, so let's talk.

Used edited photo of client's own gardens

Several ocean/beach photos were blended, then dog and text added

Incorporated previous hand-drawn black & white logo into new colorful banner

Multiple photos, 3-D text and background




Custom-made "bones" and 3-D text

Multiple photos & 3-D text






Unique custom link buttons


A "BACK" button created from the photo on the left



Animated angel wing


A composite/collage picture, framed

Photo with an "artsy" background, matted and framed


All separate components ... icy window, dog heads and caps

Created from photograph of client's garden


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