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Financial Reports & Projections



If you need bank or investor financing, or even a short-term line of credit, you will need professionally prepared financial reports about your company's past performance and/or financial projections.  Copies of your past tax returns often are just not enough.


If I'm doing your detailed bookkeeping, I can easily prepare computerized financial reports for any period of time, for a minimal cost.  If I don't do your bookkeeping, I can still prepare professional financial reports and projections at a reasonable cost if you provide me with the pertinent information.

  • Profit and Loss Statements

  • One to Five Year Financial Projections

  • Budget spreadsheets

  • Balance Sheets

  • Comparison/Company Growth Reports

  • Detail Reports of Expense and/or Income Accounts

Note:  For some lending institutions, you may need a full business plan including an executive summary and marketing analysis as well as financial reports.


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