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State and federal payroll and tax laws are constantly changing, and manually trying to calculate employees' withholding, social security and Medicare deductions can become a nightmare for many small companies.  Keeping up with your company's responsibility for paying these employee payroll deductions on a timely basis, and your company's contributing share, can be difficult.  Then there's federal and state unemployment to calculate and pay.  And the government reports to complete and submit.

Sound complicated?  It is.  And if not done properly, mistakes can result in significant fines and penalties.  Our payroll is done on a computerized system, with automatic payroll tax updates, so there can be no errors. 

For a very reasonable monthly fee, based on the number of employees and complexity of your payroll system, I will accurately handle your payroll processing, government reports and payments ... and provide you with detailed, accurate reports for your company records.  *

  • Computerized Payroll Processing (computerized checks or manual)

  • Computerized payroll report for each pay period, quarter and year-end

  • Withholding deposits based on your designated schedule

  • Quarterly 941's and state unemployment reports and payments

  • Annual federal and state reports and payments

  • Employee W-2's

If you're not located close enough to deliver employee timesheets, you can fax or e-mail payroll detail and checks can be mailed directly to employees or to the company.

* Costs may be higher for employees paid on a commission or piece basis, rather than by hour, month or year.

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