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Phone:        715-214-7958  (leave message if no answer)

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Profile - Owner Jennifer Mitchell

With an education in fine arts, I excelled in design, although my love has always been working in oils (starting at age 12).  I added a history minor, then education, so I wouldn't become a starving artist.  Some years later, I developed a unique style of watercolors with strong color and texture; I sold many watercolors through high-end galleries in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth.

Most of my real career was in Human Resource management, up to the Director level.  I developed HR divisions for several companies who had never previously had any.  This involved research and development of policy and procedure manuals, compensation and benefit plans, recruiting, training, and a lot of budgeting and financials!  I partnered with a former CFO and did all the financial projections and technical writing for numerous business plans for his clients.  And learned a lot more finance in the process.

I have also done a lot of creative writing, which ties into my art background.  I also transferred my need for "creativity" into developing a breeding program for quality Labrador Retrievers ... and have raised and shown them for over 20 years.  Many of my puppies have had success in the show ring, have hunting, obedience and agility titles; many have become service dogs and one recently attained his search and rescue certification.  The rest, bless them, are much loved family companions and couch potatoes!  During part of this time with my dogs, I owned and operated several boarding, grooming and training facilities.  And, I started doing payroll and bookkeeping for a variety of small businesses including construction contractors, printers, etc., since I had become adept at doing my own.

I started web site development years ago when I needed my own web site, and learned it the hard way ... but the right way.  I have since designed many web sites for clients who wanted something unique ... not a "cookie-cutter" web site with limited variations.  My web sites are creative and structurally correct, easy to navigate, user friendly and attractive.  And, my prices for development and maintenance are well below the going rates.

Recently, I have delved into photography beyond what I previously had done, and am enjoying learning what my Nikon equipment really can do.  I have moved up to both Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom for photo editing ... both of which offer the power to truly transform a mediocre photo into a work of art!  Thus, I've gotten deep into photo editing;  I can turn almost any photo to what you want it to be, whether for a commercial promotion, web sites, or consumer family photos worthy of enlarging and framing.

My passion is life has always been to "create" something of beauty and function.  I hope I may be able to do that for you.


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