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Newspaper/Magazine Ads - Company & Product Brochures

"IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE" ... the old saying is true as long as you advertise well and in a professional manner that instills confidence in your services and products, and controls your production costs.

Let me help you prepare simple in-column ads and display ads that maximize your advertising dollar.  Or design promotional brochures within your budget, including printing costs.  I can design something creative and graphically eye-catching, combined with professional text, that will help promote your business.  I can design in a way that will minimize your printing and material costs.

  • Newspaper ads: simple in-column text and/or well-designed display ads

  • Magazine ads with graphics and/or scanned pictures

  • Brochures - simple inexpensive one color or full color

  • Flyers

  • Business cards

  • Other graphic design projects


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