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Often, small businesses simply don't have the staff

to effectively handle some tasks and projects that could benefit your business.


  • Do you need a website but have no one to create or maintain it?

  • Is someone struggling to manually do your payroll and bookkeeping ... but having trouble keeping up with tax changes and maintaining accuracy?  Fines for mistakes and missed deadlines can be huge.

  • Would you like some updated, professional ads, brochures and/or other promotional materials?

  • Do you need professional computerized financial reports and projections for bank financing or a line of credit?  Or a simple business plan?


I can help ... on a short term project basis or with ongoing assistance

 * Reasonable rates based specifically on your individual needs *

Experienced - Accurate - Creative - Dependable - Confidential - References



I can handle your needs cheaper than your own employees and

cheaper than big accounting & advertising firms because:

  • As a home-based business, I have no overhead, no fancy office building, no support staff.

  • You don't have to put me on your payroll, don't have to pay for my employee benefits, don't have to pay half of my social security and my Medicare, and don't have to count me into your unemployment and Workers Compensation costs.

  •  You don't have to train me, or provide an office and supplies for me.

  • You don't have to worry about Workers Comp or unemployment claims if you have to let me go.

I just do the job you need done, when you need it.

How Simple!


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